CHANGE: You Are The Change You Need

Every Nigerian should be able to evaluate the level of governance , the impact on the lives of average Nigerians ,we need to ask ourselves if there are really changes, what percentage is development ?do we enjoy social amenities ?why do we have to buy water, fuel our generators?pay large sums as hospital bills our public transport system , schools and a lot of issues but to mention a few ,not  forgetting the menace of the society Boko Haram .

I wont dwell on the ills of the nation , but proffer a solution .we need to change or strategies, our attitudes to the environment and our communities

I am change, I can change my own destiny ,I can change the nation

you are the change you need .

By Kemisola Ajao.

The American Intervention : why now?

Hello people, Do you agree with the condemnation of the U.S airstrikes,or do you not agree, i think we need to get involved with everyday politics to share our views

In the wake of the first American-led airstrikes against Islamic State forces in Syria, we’re learning that the operation did not just focus on ISIS installations and its oil trade, but also the al-Nusra Front as well. According to Reuters, strikes against the al Qaeda-linked group in northern Syria wrought a death toll of about 50.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal is reporting (subscription) that the U.S.-led effort involved coordination with the Free Syrian Army, which has also just become the recipient of some American weapons.

This is a joint coalition effort of which the Syrian opposition is a full-fledged member,” said Oubai Shahbandar, a senior adviser to the coalition who was briefed of the U.S. strikes in advance. He was addressing concerns some elements of the opposition had that the U.S. would turn its back on the armed group and instead partner with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to defeat Islamic State militants.”

Russia was quick to condemn the airstrikes. TheWashington Post noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin — the patron saint of territorial integrity — decried the airstrikes as a violation of Syria’s sovereignty.

Russia is insistent that U.S. measures to taTTrget militants in Syria lack authority without buy-in from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad — a point Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon Tuesday.”

Not only did Syrian dictator Bashar Assad refrain from lashing out against the American-led airstrikes, he seemingly gave a very coded thumbs up:

I think we need to get involved with everyday politics to share our views

Boko Haram ‘kill several’ as they loot Nigeria market


Kano (Nigeria) (AFP) – Boko Haram gunmen stormed a crowded market in Nigeria’s restive northeastern state of Borno, killing several people and carting away food, witnesses said Saturday.

Dressed in military and police uniforms, dozens of insurgents attacked the town of Mainok, 56 kilometres outside Maiduguri, the state capital late Thursday, firing a rocket-propelled grenade and spraying the market with bullets.

The attackers also looted food which they loaded onto trucks abandoned by fleeing traders, witnesses said.

“They struck around 1:30pm (1230GMT) during peak hours by first firing a rocket-propelled grenade at the market before opening fire on traders”, Salman Lawan, a trader who witnessed the carnage told AFP.

“They killed several people in the attack but it is difficult to give a precise figure,” said Lawan who fled to Maiduguri following the attack.

Another trader Modu Kachalla, who gave a similar account, said the insurgents were looking for cash and food.
“They robbed traders of cash and loaded food into trucks they seized at the market before fleeing into the bush,” he said.

“The market was full…when the Boko Haram gunmen attacked which explained the high casualties,” he said.

“The attackers killed many people at the market but it is difficult to give a toll because everybody fled to save their lives,” said Ibrahim Kolo, another witness.

Boko Haram, which has seized swathes of territory in Borno and in neighbouring Yobe and Adamawa states, has been running short of food in the areas they have taken, according to residents.

On Wednesday the insurgents ambushed a truck carrying grain to Maiduguri outside the nearby village of Ngamdu and looted it before setting it on fire, they said.

The news of the attack on the market was slow to emerge due to disruption in phone services in the region on Friday. Telecoms services were only restored on Saturday.

Mainok has suffered repeated attacks by Boko Haram, which wants to impose a hardline Islamic state in the mainly Muslim north.

In February scores were killed there and many homes destroyed by the extremists.

Their insurgency has claimed more than 10,000 lives since 2009 and left more than 700,000 homeless.

The Nigerian military has come under increasing pressure as the Islamists have captured more territory in the volatile northeast in recent weeks

Sierra Leone president declares state of emergency over Ebola

By Umaru Fofana

FREETOWN (Reuters) – Sierra Leone has declared a state of public emergency to tackle the worst ever outbreak of Ebola and will call in security forces to quarantine epicenters of the deadly virus, President Ernest Bai Koroma said in a statement.

The measures resembled a tough anti-Ebola package announced by neighboring Liberia on Wednesday evening. Koroma announced he was cancelling a visit to Washington for a U.S.-Africa summit next week because of the crisis and would instead hold an emergency meeting with regional leaders in Guinea on Friday.

Highly infectious Ebola has been blamed for 672 deaths in the West Africa nations of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, according to the World Health Organization.

“I hereby proclaim a State of Public Emergency to enable us take a more robust approach to deal with the Ebola outbreak,” he said in a speech late on Wednesday, adding that the measures would initially last between 60 and 90 days. “All epicenters of the disease will be quarantined.”

Koroma said that the police and the military would restrict movements to and from epicenters, and would provide support to health officers and NGOs to do their work unhindered, following a number of attacks on healthworkers by local communities.

He said that house-to-house searches would be implemented to trace Ebola victims and quarantine them. He also said that new protocols had been established for passengers arriving and departing Lungi International Airport outside Freetown, but he did not provide further details.

source: yahoo news

Abductee’s parents finally meet North Korean granddaughter

Megumi Yokota was only 13 when she was abducted by a North Korean agent in the 1970s. Now, almost 40 years after her disappearance, her aging parents, Shigeru and Sakie Yokota, have traveled to Mongolia to meet her daughter — their granddaughter.

In a series of meetings in Ulan Bator arranged by Japanese and North Korean foreign ministry officials, the Japanese couple met 26-year-old Kim Eun-gyong, her husband and 10-month-old daughter.

“Our long-cherished dream had come true,” Shigeru Yokota said at a press conference. “It was actually first time to meet her although I’ve been seeing her on TV (since she was) 14 or 15.”
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Yokota, who was kidnapped from the port city of Niigata in 1977, was not present at the meeting. North Korean authorities insist that she committed suicide, although this is disputed in Japan and repatriated ashes proved not to be a DNA match.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters Monday morning that he was “glad” to hear that the meeting was conducted safely.

“We are determined to resolve the abduction issue at any cost,” he said.

The abductee issue is a considerable sticking point in Japan-North Korea relations. The reclusive state has admitted to kidnapping a number of Japanese nationals, mostly to help train spies in Japanese language and culture.

The Yokotas said that they were unable to confirm their daughter’s safety with Kim, as political matters were off the table. However, her mother said, “I spent time with them believing Megumi is still safe somewhere.”

The meeting took place as North Korea’s bellicosity is once again on the rise, with reports that the Stalinist state has fired a number of short-range missiles into the sea off its east coast.